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Dents and scratches, a spot on a mirror's coating, or a discontinued set of eyepieces can mean BIG SAVINGS for you. We always describe the item as completely, fairly and honestly as possible. Most of the time, it's something cosmetic or something that's optically insignificant. Sometimes, it's wrecked. But we tell you that.

Once you've bought it, though, IT'S YOURS. There's NO EXCHANGES, NO RETURN PRIVILEGE AND NO WARRANTY (unless one is provided through the product's original manufacturer). There's No Phone Support, No Spare Parts, No Nothing! We're selling 'em cheap because we never want to see or think about them again. DEAL?

Telrad Reflex Sight with Base

This basic Telrad finder is all you need to find and center objects fast! Just look through it and you'll see a bull's eye "projected into space." Center any visible object in the bull's eye and the same object will be centered in the scope. You can star-hop from there...

Removable Telrad includes mounting base. Use one Telrad with several scopes!

Price: US$ 49.95
Reg Price: US$ 49.95


Extra Telrad Mounting Base

Buy one Telrad, then buy an extra Telrad mounting base for each of your other scopes! Save a buck or two...

Easy installation with adhesive strips (provided) or screws (not provided).

Price: US$ 16.95


Telrad Dew Shield

It's aggrevating, but sometimes it happens... it's a damp night, and your Telrad fogs-up! The Dew Shield is your cheap and simple solution.

Simple installation with included instructions.

Price: US$ 16.95


Telrad Dew Shield Plus

Provides the same dew prevention function as the standard Dew Shield, Plus it lets you look straight down into the Telrad just like looking into the eyepiece on a Newtonian! No more craning your neck!

Super easy installation with instructions provided.

Price: US$ 29.95


Telrad Pulser

The standard Telrad has an intensity control for the brightness of the bull's eye. But optically, there's an advantage to "pulsing" (flashing) the bull's eye at a variable rate. You can sight on dimmer objects. Works Great! Easy installation.

Price: US$ 26.95


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