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Dents and scratches, a spot on a mirror's coating, or a discontinued set of eyepieces can mean BIG SAVINGS for you. We always describe the item as completely, fairly and honestly as possible. Most of the time, it's something cosmetic or something that's optically insignificant. Sometimes, it's wrecked. But we tell you that.

Once you've bought it, though, IT'S YOURS. There's NO EXCHANGES, NO RETURN PRIVILEGE AND NO WARRANTY (unless one is provided through the product's original manufacturer). There's No Phone Support, No Spare Parts, No Nothing! We're selling 'em cheap because we never want to see or think about them again. DEAL?

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2 inch to Male T-thread Camera Adaptor

Beautifully machined adaptor takes you from a 2-inch focuser to a standard Male T-thread. You can then use a camera-specific adaptor (sold below) from the male T-thread into your SLR camera for use in prime focus photography.

Price: US$ 29.95


1.25 inch 45 Degree Erect Image Diagonal

Classic 45 degree Amici Prism-type diagonal provides an erect, "real world" image that's perfect for converting an astronomy refractor telescope into a powerful terrestrial (spotting) telescope. 45 degree angle makes for comfortable "near-the-horizon" viewing. Sturdy, rigid contsruction, efficient, coated optical prism.

Price: US$ 49.95


7 X 50 Erect Image Right-Angle Achromatic Finder Scope

This 90 degree Right Angle Finder Scope has the additional advantage of producing an Erect Image so that right and left, up and down are correct... so it matches the orientation of Star Charts. This makes it easy to use without the mental gymnastics of having to "flip" the image in your head.

Comes with a FREE set of Removable Dovetail Mounting Rings.

Price: US$ 119.95


Short 2X Ultra Barlow Lens

This is a superb quality two-element Barlow Lens. No-distortion premium quality multicoated optics are used for the best possible performance. The Short Barrel Design is especially good for low-profile focusers. Available in 1.25 inch and 0.965 inch sizes.

Size :
Unit Price:


Variable Polarizing Filter

A "Variable Polarizing Filter" is like a continuously variable neutral density filter that takes advantage of the unique properties of polarized light. This Variable Polarizer makes a superb variable density Moon Filter!

See why it's instructional and fun to experiment with polarized light! 1.25 inch size only.

Price: US$ 34.95


9 X 50 Straight-Through Achromatic Finder Scope

This is the classic straight-through 9 X 50 (that's 9 times magnification, 50mm aperture) Achromatic finder scope that you need to find and center objects FAST.. Comes complete with Removable Dovetail Mount Rings at no additional cost!

Price: US$ 69.95


Camera Specific Adaptor Rings

This ring is required to adapt from the male T-thread of the eyepiece projection or prime focus adaptor to your particular brand of 35mm SLR camera. These rings are meant ONLY for 35mm SLR film cameras, NOT fixed lens, disposable or consumer-electronics type CCD cameras.

Price: US$ 19.95

Camera :
Unit Price:


Illuminated 10mm Double Cross Hair Plossl Eyepiece

Illuminated Double Cross Hair 10mm Plossl Eyepiece with variable chordless red light illuminator for manually guiding astro photos. Glare and distortion-free optical design for comfotable extended guiding. 1.25 inch size only.

Price: US $149.95


Illuminated Double Cross Hair Kellner Eyepiece

An indespensible aide for manually tracking astro photos. 12mm Kellner eyepiece has a rotating bezel for focusing the double cross hairs. Chordless, variable non-glare red light source for low eye fatigue. 1.25 inch size only.

Price: US $124.95


1.25 inch 90 Degree Erect Image Diagonal

Essentially the same Erect Image Prism-Type diagonal as described above, but with a 90 degree output instead of 45 degrees. High effieiency coated prism for maximum light transmission. Comfortable "real world" viewing for astronomy telescopes and spotting scopes!

Price: US$ 54.95


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