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Dents and scratches, a spot on a mirror's coating, or a discontinued set of eyepieces can mean BIG SAVINGS for you. We always describe the item as completely, fairly and honestly as possible. Most of the time, it's something cosmetic or something that's optically insignificant. Sometimes, it's wrecked. But we tell you that.

Once you've bought it, though, IT'S YOURS. There's NO EXCHANGES, NO RETURN PRIVILEGE AND NO WARRANTY (unless one is provided through the product's original manufacturer). There's No Phone Support, No Spare Parts, No Nothing! We're selling 'em cheap because we never want to see or think about them again. DEAL?

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Fully Adjustable 4 Vane Spiders

The Spider and Diagonal Holder Assembly (the "spider") holds the elliptical secondary mirror (diagonal mirror) securely in place and provides an easy method of adjustment and alignment for the mirror.

e-Scopes® 4-vane spiders fit telescope tubes from 7 to 15 inches inside diameter. Complete installation instructions are included.

Fits Tube :
Unit Price:


Illuminated Double Cross Hair Kellner

An indespensible aide for manually tracking astro photos. 12mm Kellner eyepiece has a rotating bezel for focusing the double cross hairs. Chordless, variable non-glare red light source for low eye fatigue. 1.25 inch size only.

Price: US$ 79.95


2 Inch to 1.25 Inch Adaptor

Lets you use economical standard 1.25 inch format eyepieces in 2 inch focusers. Solid aluminum construction with single eyepiece set-screw and dust cover. In stock for immediate shipment!

Price: US$ 11.95


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