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Don't compromise the optical quality of your telescope with anything less than the best eyepieces! "The Best" doesn't have to mean expensive. e-Scopes® Best Super Plossl eyepieces are inexpensive, but they're among the best examples of the Plossl design we've ever seen. And the Speers-Waler Wide Angle eyepieces are simply the best there is... period!

Choose from a wide range of focal lengths and a variety of eyepiece designs: Super Plossl, Modified Achromatic, Orthoscopic, Ultra-Plossl, Erfle and Speers-Waler. Package deals available, too!

4-Element Multicoated Plossl Eyepieces

The 4-element Plossl design is a significant advance over the simpler Kellner and Modified Achromatic eyepieces, especially in the shorter focal lengths and along the outside edge of the view.

e-Scopes offers low cost, high-quality Plossl eyepieces in focal lengths from 6.3mm to 25mm. 1.25 inch size only. Click the "More Info" Icon for More...

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Illuminated Double Cross Hair Kellner

An indespensible aide for manually tracking astro photos. 12mm Kellner eyepiece has a rotating bezel for focusing the double cross hairs. Chordless, variable non-glare red light source for low eye fatigue. 1.25 inch size only.

Price: US$ 79.95


2 Inch to 1.25 Inch Adaptor

Lets you use economical standard 1.25 inch format eyepieces in 2 inch focusers. Solid aluminum construction with single eyepiece set-screw and dust cover. In stock for immediate shipment!

Price: US$ 11.95


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