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Spend your time observing objects instead of finding them. e-Scopes® high quality achromatic finder scopes are the perfect replacement for the deficient one that probably came with your telescope. Great for your new home-built Dobsonian, too!

e-Scopes® 7 X 50mm Achromatic finders all feature astro-standard 1.25 inch removable and focusing cross-hair eyepieces. Some even have a right-angle attachment so you can look straight down into the finder instead of craning your neck!

7 X 50 Right Angle Achromatic Finder Scope

A 90 degree finder scope is a pleasure to use, especially with Dobsonian (Newtonian reflector) type scopes. That's because you look down into it instead of craning your neck to look straight through. Popular 7 X 50 design gives a wide field of view to find and center objects fast.

Comes with FREE Removable Dovetail Mounting Rings.

Price: US$ 109.95


7 X 50 Erect Image Right-Angle Achromatic Finder Scope

This 90 degree Right Angle Finder Scope has the additional advantage of producing an Erect Image so that right and left, up and down are correct... so it matches the orientation of Star Charts. This makes it easy to use without the mental gymnastics of having to "flip" the image in your head.

Comes with a FREE set of Removable Dovetail Mounting Rings.

Price: US$ 119.95


9 X 50 Straight-Through Achromatic Finder Scope

This is the classic straight-through 9 X 50 (that's 9 times magnification, 50mm aperture) Achromatic finder scope that you need to find and center objects FAST.. Comes complete with Removable Dovetail Mount Rings at no additional cost!

Price: US$ 69.95


Removable "Dovetail" Mounting Rings

Removable Aluminum Mount Rings for all standard straight-through and right-angle 50mm aperture finder scopes. A simple twist of two screws allows the scope and rings to separate from the telescope for transportation.

Price: US$ 39.95


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