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Star diagonals are an important accessory for viewing comfort when using refractor and SCT telescopes. Light is diverted 90 degrees into the eyepiece so you don't have to crane your neck! Two types are available: Mirror and Prism. In addition, e-Scopes® has an erect image version for correcting the image of a Refractor Telescope for terrestrial (land) use.

1.25 inch 90 Degree Star Diagonal

Classic 90 degree Star Diagonal in the standard 1.25 inch format. Available as either a Diagonal Prism or Mirror type. Rigid, flexure-free mechanical construction with high quality coated prism or high efficiency first-surface mirror for maximum light throughput.

Price: US$ 49.95

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1.25 inch 45 Degree Erect Image Diagonal

Classic 45 degree Amici Prism-type diagonal provides an erect, "real world" image that's perfect for converting an astronomy refractor telescope into a powerful terrestrial (spotting) telescope. 45 degree angle makes for comfortable "near-the-horizon" viewing. Sturdy, rigid contsruction, efficient, coated optical prism.

Price: US$ 49.95


1.25 inch 90 Degree Erect Image Diagonal

Essentially the same Erect Image Prism-Type diagonal as described above, but with a 90 degree output instead of 45 degrees. High effieiency coated prism for maximum light transmission. Comfortable "real world" viewing for astronomy telescopes and spotting scopes!

Price: US$ 54.95


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