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Fully Adjustable 4 Vane Spiders
Four-vane Spiders include a fully adjustable diagonal mirror holder for Newtonian/Dobsonian telescope tubes with inside diameters from 7 inches to 15 inches. Diagonal holder is easily adjustable and holds that adjustment once it is set. Diagonal mirror attaches to the holder by non-distorting silicone adhesive (not included) instead of mechanical clips that can "pinch" and distort the mirror.

DISREGARD: (There are two hub diameters available for the 9.5 to 10.5 inch I.D. tube spiders: 1.3 inch and 1.8 inch. Choose the 1.8 inch hub diameter for larger diagonal mirrors, like the 1.83 or 2.5 inch M.A. mirror that comes with our 8 inch f/4.5 mirror sets. "Small" spiders all come with the 1.3 inch hub, and "large" spiders all come with the 1.8 inch hub.)

Complete instructions are included.

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