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                        PRODUCT RETURN POLICY

We want you to be absolutely satisfied with our products.
Accordingly, all products purchased through e-Scopes(R) can be
returned for Credit as stated in this Return Policy. (See NOTE #1
regarding products damaged DURING SHIPMENT TO YOU.)


Returned products ("Returns") can be returned by the original
purchaser for Credit WITHIN 30 CALENDAR DAYS (See NOTE #2 for how to
determine 30 calendar days) of the purchase date as evidenced by the
Invoice date, UPS shipment date or Post Office post mark (but NOT the
date the product arrived), whichever is EARLIER, subject to the
following conditions:

1.)  We MUST be notified in advance by mail, phone, fax or e-mail and
     advised that a Return is being made.  Returns that just "show up"
     on our doorstep are refused and returned to the customer.

2.)  Returns must be received in pristine, factory original condition
     that does not require any re-work by us.  Returns that have been
     damaged in any way (including, but not limited to: contamination,
     scratches, dents, unauthorized disassembly or modification) are
     NOT eligible for a refund.  Returns that smell of tobacco smoke
     (as detected by a non-smoker) are NOT eligible for a refund.

     items.  (See NOTE #3 about Credit for "Free Shipping" Returns.)

4.)  Returns must include all the factory original cartons (including
     the exterior carton) and all packaging, including any styrofoam
     moldings, inserts and spacers.  Other than the new address label,
     DO NOT deface the carton exterior by writing anything on it.

5.)  Returns must be carefully secured in the original packaging to
     prevent shipping damage.  Parts (tripods, bases, etc.) that were
     assembled by the customer after receipt must be disassembled and
     re-packaged as they were originally received.  All accessories,
     hardware (screws, nuts, etc.), manuals and warranty cards (if
     present) must be returned.

6.)  Use TRANSPARENT shipping tape that is approved for UPS shipping
     to close and secure the exterior carton.  DO NOT use brown
     shipping tape, Scotch tape or Duct tape for this purpose.

7.)  Returns must be made with shipping and insurance PREPAID by the
     customer.  Returns that come "collect" will be refused.
     Uninsured items that arrive damaged will not be given credit.

8.)  Ship Returns to us by United Parcel Service (UPS) only.  Do NOT
     ship Returns by the Post Office (USPS) or any other service that
     requires our personnel to travel to pick up the Return.

9.)  The Return must by received by us within ten (10) business days
     of your notification to us that a Return is being made.

If ALL the above conditions are fully complied with, a full Credit for
the purchase price, LESS SHIPPING AND HANDLING, will normally be
issued within fourteen (14) business days of receipt by us.  Credit
will be applied to the credit card used when the order was originally
placed.  In the event the purchase was made with a personal check or
money order, our Company refund check will be mailed to you at the
address to which we shipped the order.

If ANY the above conditions are not complied with:

     A.) For any non-compliance requiring, in our sole opinion,
         "minor" corrective action (for example, replacing missing
         packing materials), a fifteen (15) percent re-stocking fee
         will be charged.

     B.) For ALL other non-compliance, including, but not limited to
         obvious or hidden damage, missing parts, modifications, etc.,
         the Return will be returned to the customer at the customer's
         expense, and a refund will NOT be given.  OUR DECISION IS

Qualifying Returns must be shipped to:

J.P. Murnaghan
1781 Primrose Ln.     
Wellington, FL  33414 U.S.A.

NOTE #1:

Products that have been damaged during shipping to you should not
returned to us for credit.  Your shipment was fully insured.  We will
ship you a replacement quickly and we will assist you in making an
insurance claim with UPS, if necessary.  It may be necessary for you
to follow UPS instructions concerning return of the shipment TO UPS.


We accept Returns for Credit WITHIN 30 CALENDAR DAYS of the Invoice
date, the UPS shipping date as evidenced by the UPS Tracking Number
information, or the United States Postal Service postmark, whichever
is EARLIER.  The date the shipment actually arrived is not a factor.

HOW TO COUNT 30 DAYS:  Determine the Invoice or Shipping date,
whichever was earlier.  We can provide this information for you, if
necessary.  Get a calendar and put your finger on that day.  That day
is Day One.  The next higher day is Day Two.  Continue counting
sequentially, including weekends, Sundays, holidays, until you reach
Day Thirty.  If Day Thirty is today's date, or if Day Thirty hasn't
happened yet, GREAT!, then a Return can be made according to the
Return Policy, and you should notify us immediately (BEFORE Day Thirty
passes) that a Return is going to be made.  If Day Thirty was
yesterday, or a week ago, or six months ago, then a Return CAN NOT be

NOTE #3:


[ Free Shipping" and "Shipping Included" items have been priced with
our out-of-pocket shipping and handling costs already figured in.
Credit given for these Returns will NOT include our cost of original
shipping and handling to you.  The amount of "Shipping Deduction" will
be $7.50 per hundred dollars of purchase price, rounded up to the next
higher hundred dollar increment.  (Example: Purchase price = $149.95
ppd.  Next higher hundred dollar increment = $200.00 = 2 TIMES $7.50 =
$15.00 Shipping Deduction.  Credit amount will be $149.95 MINUS $15.00
or $134.95.) ]