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The handy Barlow Lens effectively gives you double duty from every eyepiece in your arsenal! A 2X Barlow, for example, placed between a 20mm eyepiece and the focuser gives you, in effect, the optical performance of a 10mm eyepiece in terms of magnification and field of view.

e-Scopes has economical and high performance 2X and 3X Barlows available in a short design that is perfect for Dobsonian and Newtonian reflector telescopes.

Economical 2X Short Barlow Lens 1.25-inch

Here's an economical and good performer that will effectively double the magnification of every eyepiece you own. This design has a minimum of optical elements to reduce light loss and is fully coated to reduce internal reflections.

Short design is perfect for Dobsonian telescopes or any scope with a low-profile focuser. Of course, it works just as well with standard focusers, too! 1.25 inch size only.

Price: US$ 29.95


Short 2X Ultra Barlow Lens

This is a superb quality two-element Barlow Lens. No-distortion premium quality multicoated optics are used for the best possible performance. The Short Barrel Design is especially good for low-profile focusers. Available in 1.25 inch and 0.965 inch sizes.

Size :
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Short 3X Ultra Barlow Lens 1.25-inch

An exceptionally high quality 3X Barlow Lens effectively triples the magnification of any eyepiece. No-distortion multicoated optics are used throughout. Two-element design.

This is the best 3X Barlow Lens we've ever evaluated.

1.25 inch size only.

Price: US$ 74.95


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